the NEW Sound Stage

As we begin to get to know each other, we will be spending time working to create a sense of community, our goal is to create a school family in which there is mutual respect and caring and a general “looking out for” each other.

In addition to creating this sense of community, we’re actively working on classroom management to create a safe learning environment for all our friends.

We talked today about being safe in the classroom and realized our friends didn’t really understand the word safe. So we asked them what safe meant to them…here are some things they said:
Don’t fight, no hitting and no kicking.
You don’t spread germs.
Don’t cough on Mom.
No running.

We’re putting together a list of ways we can be safe in the classroom and we’ll be focusing on creating a safe environment for the foreseeable future.
We will incorporate kindness and being helpful as we move forward.
We will discuss kind hearts and helpful hands and feet.

We will be asking the children: What is our job? The response is: To keep us safe. Then we ask: What is your job? The response is: To help you keep us safe.

We will take it slowly and make sure we’re all as successful as possible.
We ask your patience as we smoothly transition to the new way of being.

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