day three

Day three has also been filled with reminders on how we can work together to create a safe and FUN environment! We have noticed a lot of improvement ! We are so excited and can’t wait to see them learn and grow.
Today in our meeting we reviewed our classroom Please Do(s) and Please Don’t(s). 
We are going to build a tree house. This tree house will be located in the loft and will be filled with books and pillows! When the Tree House Library is open,  each student will be issued a library card. But after proving they can take proper care of books,  This card will be a privilege and inappropriate handling of books will result in loss of library card.
Today, Miss. J received some help from classmates who helped  drill holes through a branch with a drill! They did a great job individually and worked very well together! This was so awesome to watch!
Finally, MOON BOUNCE! As you can imagine everyone was super psyched to get on the moon bounce! Even the teachers!

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