British Invasion

First, we want to thank JS for bringing a book about London (it’s the capital of England) to share with us.
The book is called Katie in London and it’s about a girl called Katie and her brother Jack who go on an adventure with one of the lions from the base of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. He takes the children on a tour of London and then back again before their grandmother wakes up from her nap. They see Buckingham Palace, and even march along during the changing of the guards, and the London Eye. They visit the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, they stop to see St Paul’s Cathedral, too.
We REALLY enjoyed reading the book together and talking about things we saw that we talked about yesterday…like Big Ben and big red double decker buses!
We saw LOTS of Union Jacks in the book too! We had a little trouble remembering the name of the flag…but we loved seeing it.
Thank you, JS for sharing your very cool book with us!
If anybody has books about the UK they want to share this week, we’d love to read them!

After the story and our discussion about it, we moved on to making our own Union Jack flags. We had a sample to look at to design our own after…we painted white paper with blue paint and then glued big red stripes and smaller red shapes to make the crosses of the flag. We worked really hard planning where the blue paint was going to go and applying the strips of red.
We can’t wait for you to see them this week!

We have another SUPER big project we’re starting to work on…it’s for our Parade of Nations on Friday morning.


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