Globetrotting…sort of

Oi! Parents! (Oi! is an exclamation like, “hey!”)

It’s Globetrotters week…and no, not the basketball guys from Harlem…and we’re going ’round the world!

Well, actually we’re not going all the way ’round the world, just across “the pond” to Great Britain. Did you know Great Britain has several names? Well, kind of…
Its official name is “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.” England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are often mistaken as names of countries, but they are only a part of the United Kingdom.

So we can say, Great Britain, Britain, England or the UK. And we are trying out all the names just to see what we like best.

Did you know the flag of Great Britain is called the Union Jack?
Did you know they have a Queen?
Did you know the potty is called a loo?
We do!
We are now calling The Potty 5 The Loo 5 (just for this week)

MN said (with a British accent): Excuse me sir, could I please use the loo?
JE said: The loo means Potty 5!

We looked a pictures of:
the Telly (Did you know that’s just a TV?)
Queen Elizabeth (II because she’s not the first Queen Elizabeth)
a castle (The Queen lives there!)
Big Ben (That’s a REALLY big clock!)
and a double decker bus

We will be spending lots of time learning about England this week and on Friday we will “ride” a double decker bus in the parade of nations!

Cheerio! (That means “goodbye!)

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