Hail Britannia!

Day three of British Invasion found us painting red paper even more red to make a spectacular mode of transportation found only in the UK. Can you guess what it is? Ask your children…they know! We’re going to “ride” it in our parade on Friday!

We also began work on another London icon…it’s very tall and rings out the hours so everyone knows what time it is. Can you guess this one? Sound Stage friends know, just ask them! It will be a part of our parade too.
Did we mention Sound Stage students and teachers are SPECTACULAR?
Thank you very much to RM for sharing things from Great Britain! Her grandparents live there and send her super cool things!
She brought three coins, a two pence or tuppence, a twenty pence, and a one pound. Did you know each of these coins has Queen Elizabeth on them. How cool is that!?!
RM also brought a teddy bear dressed as a “Beefeater” (Yoeman Warders, they’re the guards of the Tower of London)
And a “little people” set from the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.
We had so much fun examining and playing with these items!
Thanks for sharing, please keep the cool things coming!
Miss J and Miss R most sincerely want to thank you parents for all your patience and understanding as we build relationships with your children and you…we’re having such fun teaching and learning with your children! Together, we are building a wonderful school family!
(A British slang word for thank you is: ta…so, ta!)

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