may the fourth (day) be with you

Day four presented a few challenges…our friends seemed to have forgotten some of our “please do(s)” for keeping us all safe. We found ourselves reminding friends over and over…this is good practice for all of us. We’re practicing patience, and good manners and helpful hands.
We defined ‘being respectful’ when we met this morning.
What that means in Sound Stage is practicing good manners and using helpful hands. Good manners include saying please and thank you, excuse me and you’re welcome. Good manners are listening and looking when someone is talking, waiting your turn, and using your listening ears.
We will continue to discuss and practice being respectful until we all really understand what it means and can demonstrate it.
It’s “Space Cadet” week…as you know, we made moon sand and played on the moon bounce earlier this week, today we painted stars! Wait till you see the beautiful starscapes our friends made!
The “For a Safe Classroom” list is almost complete and will be sent as an attachment either this afternoon or tomorrow, please talk about this with your children at home to reinforce what we’re doing here at school.
Please consider focusing on the “Please Do” side of the rules!

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