second week same as the first (but even better!)

We are continuing to community build and discuss what keeps us safe. Hopefully everyone got a chance to look at our definition of being respectful and our please dos and don’ts and talked about them at home. These will be our focus for a bit longer until we’re sure everybody is on the same page.
We tried the “five game” this is a fun way to make sure everyone is paying attention as well as to cooperate as a group. The idea is to sit in a circle and one person starts the five and each person passes it on as quickly as possible until it gets back to the person who started it.
We were mostly successful for the first try, it was a great way to gage the self awareness of each child. We made it around the circle slowly with reminders…our goal is to go quickly without reminders…practice is a great learning tool!
We’re in “Top Secret” week…it’s all spies and secret agents and good fun!
Thank you for supporting Sound Stage children and teachers as we build our school family.

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