Secret Agent Spies Awarded Badges, Over.

Walk and talk like spy ? Why yes we did!
That’s what our friends did today while outside. Before walking outside Miss J talked to everyone about how spy’s walk and talk. Super spies are quiet and tip toe. It was so amazing to see friends walk out the class tip toeing and looking side to side.

Today Super Agent Spies assembled on the couch for a top secret meeting! In this meeting we reviewed all the mysteries that occurred throughout the week. The spies were so excited about the problems they solved, they even told us what items they used to solve the mysteries! Tweezers! Magnifying Glasses! Flashlights!

Next, we reviewed The Potty 5! They remembered all the steps! Some friends even had to go to the bathroom while we had meeting. After returning to meeting Miss J asked if they did The Potty 5. More friends decided that they had to use the bathroom as well. Pretty sure this had to do with the extremely exciting potty break dance we did as friends completed The Potty 5!
Whatever works right?

We went to the tables to create our Super Agent Spy badges!
They took pictures to put inside their badges. Their spy faces are VERY serious. They also posed with their super spy bracelets! Friends came up with Super Spy names, this was a fun process! We had names like ‘Agent That One’, ‘Agent M.I.A’, and ‘Agent J. Sparkles'(Miss J)!

We have completed another amazing week in Sound Stage!
Next week is Globetrotters week! Can’t wait to travel the world with you!

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