spies like us

This morning there was something AMAZING in Sound Stage!
A red string “laser” obstacle course!!

We used our super secret agent spy skills to worm our way through the classroom.
We reached high to step over…we crawled low to go under…at some points we tripped or bumped or loosened the laser strings but we kept going!

When it was time for snack, Miss R cut some of the higher up strings and we cleaned up all the red string! (Miss R wondered if that wasn’t more fun for us than trying to get through the string in the first place.)

At our meeting this morning we invented a new bathroom system…we call it:

We call it The Potty 5 because there are five steps and we have five fingers on each hand…which ties in to step three…wash your hands (with soap!)

We talked about the steps and when each of our friends had mastered them all, we cheered and clapped and had BIG “air” high fives!!

Here are the steps so you can discuss them with your child:

1. go potty
2. flush the potty
3. wash your hands (with soap)
4. dry your hands
5 turn off the light

We learned the steps by using the fingers on our hand…ask your child about The Potty 5 and be amazed!

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