top secret day

In case you didn’t notice when you arrived this morning, we had something of a mystery in Sound Stage!
We discovered foot prints all around the classroom…on the floor, walls and door!
One of our friends was very concerned about the “stinky feet” in the classroom…but upon further investigation, we realized they were not remotely stinky…what a relief!
Some of our friends remembered they made foot prints yesterday afternoon with Jay and Miss R…and they even recognized their own feet!
That was our first clue!
The second clue was that Miss J left the classroom after EVERYBODY else yesterday!
it didn’t take much longer for our friends to figure out Miss J stuck their footprints to the floor, walls and door!
Mystery solved!
We earned our “Secret Agent Spy Bracelets” for solving the mystery…please encourage your child to keep their bracelet on all week! (they’re plastic and should withstand baths and showers) They are secret communicators…”Sound Stage Spies, can you hear me? Over.”
BUT WAIT! There’s more!!
When we were outside this morning another mystery came up!
We came back into our classroom and it was complete CHAOS!
Miss R asked: What happened to our classroom!?!
Several friends said: It’s a mess!
MN said: It’s a secret! Something spooky made a mess!
AK said: Other spies came! Or maybe the footprints did it and then went back on the wall!
XT said: A monster came! But maybe Swiper came into the room!
MF said: A person who makes a mess. (And then) It’s time for a mystery! (And then) Oh NO! I heard a big noise!
JE said: Why is our room such a big mess?
EG said: I think a monster made this mess with those footprints.
LM said: The other spies did it looking for toys!
After we discussed our theories, we began to investigate…with magnifying glasses, binoculars, flashlights and tweezers…we are SERIOUSLY hard working spies!
CS said: Is there something under the couch?
MF said: I found something over there! Hey check it out! It’s a feather!
LM said: I found a rubber ducky!
AK said: The babies are playing Legos!
Miss R said: I think I found a clue!
And all the friends came to see…Miss J’s sunglasses on the floor by the couch.
We reconvened to discuss our clues…and after talking about everything we found, Miss J said: If I came back inside while we were on the playground and Miss R found my glasses on the floor…who made this big mess?
AK said: Miss J did!!
Miss J said: Guilty as charged.
BUT MF said: You’re not a bad spy! I don’t think you made this big mess!!
(Thank you MF for keeping the faith! In reality, Miss J is NOT a bad spy…she’s teaching us valuable investigative skills!)
Preschoolers are naturally curious so this week is RIGHT up their alley! We will continue to practice being super secret agent spies all week…wait till we figure out MORE mysteries!

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