We’re almost expats!

We’ve spent so much time learning about the UK we’re almost expatriates!
No, not really…but golly, are we having fun learning!

MG shared with us a book about London today, Madeline in London. We saw familiar landmarks, including the lion statues at Nelson’s Column…double decker buses and of course, the Union Jack!
Thank you, MG, for sharing your book!

We re-read JS’s book, Katie in London. We knew what to expect this time and were waiting for specific places Katie, Jack and the lion visited.

Not much longer and we could be tour guides in London!

After we read the books and had our meeting, we made sure Miss J had what she needed to finish up our giant time teller, (Have you figured out what it is yet?) and thanked her for working so hard on it.
While J finished working, we helped Miss R push two of our tables together and worked hard gluing the red paper on the great big cardboard to make our VERY cool mode of transportation for the parade tomorrow.

We are seriously hard working learners in the Sound Stage classroom!


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