a quiet Monday

Something tricky is happening in Sound Stage!
Miss R came back to school today, but Miss J did not!
Miss J is home because her baby is sick…hopefully she will be able to come back soon. Oh! She has all the journals at home…so please be patient with us this week…we may just wait till Friday to send them home and do a big double issue!

We have a new friend in our school family! Her name is EY! Welcome, EY, we’re so glad you’re with us!

We had a quiet day…it’s Monday, so we were all a bit sluggish, we did enjoy our water play, though! We splashed and jumped and caught water in buckets.
You know, we are getting really good at getting out of our wet swim clothes and into our dry clothes all by ourselves! Miss R said she was really proud of us for working so hard today!
So if you see us in socks that don’t match, or with shirts and pants on backwards, please see that WE DID IT!!! and know we’re still learning!

We had a running and crashing accident this morning in which two friends have bumps on forehead and cheek, so we revisited our Please Do(s) and Please Don’t(s) when we met. We really understand the rules for a Safe Classroom, and we are getting good practice doing (or “don’ting”) them, sometimes we just need help remembering to practice.
Then we told Miss R what we did last week when she was gone, and she told us about the cool things she did…she even told us she brought us new cool things to learn!

We hope baby L feels better so Miss J can come back and play with us and we’re glad Miss R came back to school!

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