a rather quiet Thursday

We decided to have a rather low key (we heard Miss R say those words to Miss J) Thursday.
When we came in from the playground…we couldn’t go down to the field because Miss J and Miss R were worried it would be WAY too wet after the big storm yesterday…we were bummed, but we got over it.
When we came inside, after we washed our hands (with soap!) and sat on the couch, Miss R read KR-J’s book about Ladybug Girl. Then LM asked if we could please read more books, the ones with CD’s…and our Thursday morning was born.
We listened to a book Miss J chose, then one LM chose and one MN chose, and we have a couple saved for the next time we listen to books.

We didn’t make or do anything today…we just listened to books. We needed to sit with our friends and our teachers and be still together. We needed to rest ourselves and just be quiet with our books.

We heard Miss R and Miss J talking about emergent curriculum after we listened to the books.
Miss J said, “We met them where they are.”
Then Miss R said, “Sometimes we just have to trust them.”
We don’t know what that has to do with emergent curriculum…so we’re going to let one of them explain it while we take our naps.

Emergent curriculum is play-based…it’s child-based. That isn’t to say we don’t create lesson plans, because we do…we just plan according to the interest of the children. We pay attention to where they are and try to meet their needs in authentic and engaging ways.

Today was a day they obviously needed to lie low and be quiet together. We payed attention to that, and instead of doing the activity we had planned, we read with them…book after book…until we couldn’t listen anymore because it was lunchtime.

As much fun as we have, and as hard as we work to teach and learn together, sometimes teaching and learning looks like two grown-ups and fourteen kids snuggled up on the couch and chair with as many books as possible.
Doesn’t get any more authentic or engaging than that.

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