a very tricky Thursday

Tricky things are happening in Sound Stage!

Our friends from Art Studio came to play and learn with us today.
Our classes mixed together when it was our outside time, so off to the field we went with out Art Studio friends in tow.

We jumped and ran together.
We “had a party” (we learned this from the Art Studio friends) and cleaned in the little houses.

We climbed the rock structure, but a few of us got to the top and didn’t know how to get back down…when we asked Miss J and Miss R for help, they showed us how we can climb down the same way we climbed up. We need to decide where to put our hands and feet as we go down just like we do when we climb up, so with helpful suggestions, we were able to work our way up and down the rock structure pretty easily.

We were VERY adventurous in climbing onto the barrels, too! We had to balance carefully so we could stay on without rolling the barrel. Sometimes we TRIED to roll off the barrel and guess what? We discovered it is SUPER funny and giggled like crazy while we were climbing back up to try again.
We pushed the barrels up the hill and then let them chase us back down…our Art Studio friends hadn’t played this game before and were SO excited to learn and play it.

We realized we learn so many great self-help skills while we’re playing. Did you know that? We think Miss J and Miss R know, and maybe you might know too, but we DID NOT and we are getting excited about figuring it out!

We are so adventurous. We are can figure out how to do things. We can teach (and learn from) our friends. We are strong and we are capable!

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