beach baby, beach baby, give me your hand

What do you sometimes do at the beach?
Ride bikes, of course!!
So on the playground, we rode and rode and rode our bikes! Some of us don’t yet know how to pedal, but are learning quickly!
Some of our friends were very helpful when it came to showing others how to be successful on the bikes.

We’re working on two projects at once today, we’re going to start making grass skirts…and after the luau, we’re going to use them to help create the leaves for our tree house.
How smart are we?
We’re going to use streamers and strips of painted paper to make our grass skirts, and then we’ll use them for our tree in the tree house library. We are doing our part to recycle and take good care of the earth.
We are also doing our part to help make the tree house library. Miss R and Miss J figure the more involved we are, the more invested we’ll be…which they hope means we’ll take good care of it because we helped create it. They hope it will be more meaningful to us and we’ll feel proud of all we accomplished…and be more inclined to respect the tree house library because we helped build it!
Miss J and Miss R hope you understand the importance of this concept…we’re community building every single day!

We hope you can join us tomorrow for the luau party at 10:30 on the playground!! Even if Friday isn’t a day we normally come to school, we want you to come have fun for that hour!

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