Beach Party Luau

Thanks to those of you who came to party with us this morning!
For those of you who couldn’t make it, we took a TON of photos!!

We did the limbo and danced the hula with all the preschool classes! Then we had popsicles and played a bit on the playground!

When we came inside we were surprised to find our pinata box was hanging from the ceiling! We spent some time guessing what was inside…candy, toys, balloons…but Miss R assured us there was no candy. We weren’t too sure about that, but LOVED being able to take turns to hit it! Finally Miss J and Miss R hit it so hard it fell down but didn’t open!!
So Miss J held it up high to let it spill and we gathered all the treats!
We didn’t really understand when Miss R and Miss J told us we weren’t taking the treats home with us…
They explained that all the treats in the pinata are going to be here in the classroom for us to play with. We still aren’t sure we like this plan, but we’re excited to play with our new treats!

Sadly, beach week has come to an end…we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have!

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