Beach Week!

We kicked off beach week with water day…this morning began rather cloudy so we wondered if it would rain out our water day, but the sun decided to show up just in time to play!

We talked about the beachy things we’re going to try and accomplish this week at our meeting…we’re going to make beach sand and gather sea shells and we’re going to make our own little ocean waves in a jar!
We will learn to limbo and wear our beachy gear to school!

It will be as though we stepped right out of a movie with Elvis and Ann Margaret!

Sound Stage welcomes our newest family member, DA. DA joins us from the Adventurers classroom. Welcome, DA!
Our friends were so helpful this morning teaching DA about our Please Do(s) and Please Don’t(s) and The Potty 5!
DA is so lucky to have such helpful friends looking out for him and teaching him ‘the ropes’!

Keep a weathered eye on the horizon…you never know what the tide will bring.

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