Brrrr! It’s Frozen in here!

No, not really…actually it’s rather warm, there is some sort of mishap with the heat being on.

But it’s Frozen day so…brrr it’s Frozen in here!
We are having a wonderfully great jammie day in Sound Stage! It’s really been a lie low sort of day…we hung out in the Plaza with Inventor’s Workshop, World Market, Science Lab and Art Studio to watch Frozen.
Miss R decided it was like going to see Rocky Horror, but without the toast…we interacted with the movie, talking to the characters, quoting lines, and singing the songs. We are SO invested in the love these sisters share.
We will be talking a bit more about family and love and what that means when we wake up from our naps…we ran out of time to meet this morning because of the movie, we finished just in time to eat lunch…so after our snack this afternoon we’re going to talk about Elsa and Anna’s relationship.
We’ve sorted the tees and will be sending them home on Wednesday…we know some of you won’t be here Friday, but that’s OK everyone will have a Sound Stage shirt and will be able to wear them whenever suits you!

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