buckets, art, and a brand new word

Miss R came back to school today and we had to catch her up on all she missed!

We started teaching her about buckets and how we can fill them and when our buckets are full, we’re happy…but if our buckets are empty, that means we’re sad. To really show her so she would understand, we worked SUPER hard to fill Miss R’s bucket by being respectful friends.
Miss R was pleased to see her friends working to fill her bucket as well as their own buckets, she likes it when our school family is kind and respectful.

We painted today…but it was different than any other time we’ve ever painted because we painted on fabric!! Miss J taped off different sections and asked us to make sure we kept each color inside the tape lines. We used loads of colors and worked hard to stay in our sections. Miss J and Miss R told us that we’re going to do something more to the fabric, but it’s a surprise project so we are being secret agent spies again and keeping it a good secret.
We’re going to work each day on our project then reveal (Did you know reveal means kind of like ‘open to see’? We didn’t either but we learned it today!!) it either Friday or early next week…Miss R and Miss J said it has to dry.
We’re going to make something to help our bird and squirrel friends on the field tomorrow…stay tuned, because it’s going to be AWESOME!!!

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