bug boxes and butterflies

The ‘Bug Box’ was in the plaza today!
We enjoyed it so much, but Miss J was pretty grossed out and missing her friend Miss R, who wouldn’t be grossed out by the bugs, and wondered if she REALLY needed to be on vacay.
The kids found a seat right up front for the show and Miss J found a chair way back in a corner…far from the tarantula family members that came out for a visit.
We learned that tarantulas are hairy as a defense against predators. When a predator is about to attack the tarantula shoots the hairs in their eyes. While the predator is rubbing its eyes, the tarantula is able to get away!
Pretty cool right?
Turns out the hairs aren’t just a fabulous fashion choice!
We also checked out flying, and hissing roaches. The hissing roaches come from Africa.
Most of us were interested in the green worms as big around an adult finger and just as long as an adult hand.
Friends raised their hands and guess what these big worm/caterpillars turn into! Everyone shouted butterflies but one student screamed, “PICKLE! “
That was a very good guess and gave everyone a good laugh, but these worms turn into moths! Sound Stage friends were very shocked that worms to turned into beetles and moths!
What a cool learning experience!
After sitting and listening ever so quietly, it was finally time for the fun part! Touching the bugs! Some friends stood about three feet from the table with Miss J just watching while others were hands deep in the bugs. A little too afraid to touch the tarantula, some friends headed to the Hissing Cockroaches. They were able to touch their bellies to make them hiss!
Miss J cut butterfly shapes from water bottles in our recycling bin and we decorated them with paint. After the paint on the butterflies dry we are going to create our very own bug box!.
We also decided we were giving new life to our water bottles by making them butterflies. Then Miss J told that instead of throwing our butterflies in the trash or taking them home we are going to add them to our tree house! Won’t it be amazing to see beautiful butterflies flying in the tree while we read?
We think it will be a great idea!

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