Come Monday (this is a Jimmy Buffet song)

Sometimes things just don’t go the way you’ve planned…

That said, we’ve had a pretty good day in Sound Stage.
Art Studio friends came back to play with us today, and we have not one but two new friends joining our school family! JK and TP-W are coming from Virginia Studies!
Welcome, JK and TP-W, we’re so happy to have you here with us in Sound Stage!

It’s our second to the last day of water play…we’re going to be sad to see that go.
Did you know that MOST of us can get our clothes changed all by ourselves? Well, we can!
Now, please remember that we’re still kind of new at it and that means you might see clothes on inside out or backwards, but we did it all by ourselves and we are so PROUD!
One friend who has never been able to do it alone, put on each article of clothing and after every one would cry out, “I DID IT!”
Those ‘I did it’ moments are absolutely sacred and we are so excited to share in them!

We had a remarkably cool, yet messy activity today…we made bird feeders!
We used popsicle sticks to spread vegetable shortening on empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls and then put them in paper bags filled with bird seed.
Tomorrow we’re going to attach them to sticks we found and then Miss R and Miss J will hang them from the trees down on the field.
We are helping take care of our bird friends by making feeders for them! Go us!

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