family picnic day

We want to SUPER thank all our families who came to eat lunch with us today!
If you weren’t able to come, we understand and you can see our shenanigans on our photo site page!

We worked REALLY hard to get our classroom ready for the picnic, we laid down all the blankets to sit on and eat. Miss J and Miss R were very worried about the cloudy sky, they thought it might rain on our picnic so we decided to have it in the classroom.
After we placed all the blankets, we washed our hands and sat at the tables.
You know what happened next? Miss J put gloves on our hands while Miss R cut up peaches, bananas and strawberries!
Wanna know why we had to wear gloves?
Because WE made the fruit kebabs!!
(Bet you didn’t know we knew the word kebab, did you? Well, we do…but mostly because Miss R and Miss J explained what it meant. But we know it now, so wait till we spring it on you just to show we know it!!)
We took long wooden sticks with really pointy ends (we were VERY careful with the pointy part) and put fruit on them. We carefully loaded grapes and peaches and bananas and strawberries. One of us made our kebabs entirely out of strawberries…it was pretty cool.
When we were finished making the kebabs, we placed them gently on a plate so our friends and families could enjoy them.

Yesterday, we made food for birds, today we made food for our friends and families.
We are pretty awesome!!

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