field day

Field day looks different at every school and for each class…Sound Stage Field Day looked a lot like…well us working hard at playing on the field!

We cooperate really well! We are masters of teamwork and encouraging each other. We are strong and very brave.
We worked together to push the barrels up the hill and then bravely run away as they came rolling down the hill behind us!
We climbed the rock structure as high as we possibly could and then came down through the top!
We worked hard to clean the little houses and invited Miss J and Miss R to come in and eat with us. (We “cooked” for them.)
We also know how to be safe. We know to stop and look each way to see if cars are coming…then we STILL wait and decide we are safe and THEN cross the parking lot to get to the field or back to school.
We are hard working and hard playing learners.
Working and playing together helps teach us great lifelong skills…skills like leadership and communication, team building and collaboration. Playing builds and further develops strong physical, emotional and cognitive skills.
We are learning every single day because we work at playing together!

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