Wow ! When Ms. Jay walked into Sound Stage this morning she couldn’t believe her eyes!

Who made this big mess?
A bird?
A plane?
Sound Stage friends! Oh my!

Ms. Jay gathered all Sound Stage friends on the couch and we talked about how each toy in our class has a home. When these toys aren’t in the right house they are lost or misplaced when we try to find them next time. So friends helped Ms. Jay re-organize the whole entire class today. While we were cleaning up we put toys in their homes but found there were other toys there! Oh No!

What a dilemma we ran into! But good thing we are super smart because it didn’t take us long to figure out what to do next! Busy bees were everywhere. The kitchen, centers,the cave, the art shelf, the science center, and the math center were cleaned up quicker than you could say Don Diego’s Dominos! [This is from their favorite book:   Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones by Judy Schachner.]

After the class was spotless we sat back down and talked about our class being neat, clean, and most importantly safe.  We all agree that our class was safer and clean. One friend also said, ” …And now we can find all our toys ’cause they are in the right house!”

Finally, the last thing that we talked about in meeting were buckets. Buckets? Yes, Buckets! But these aren’t your ordinary buckets.  These buckets are invisible, and everyone has one. We take them everywhere we go. Ms. Jay told her friends that when she came into school today her bucket was overflowing with smiley faces and happiness. But when she walked in class some of the smiley faces were taken out when she saw what a huge mess the class was. We talked about how we can fill a bucket when someone is sad and we don’t want to be bucket dippers to do we? Bucket dippers are friends who take away someone else’s happiness by making them feel sad.

Friends loved coming up with ideas on how to fill up teacher and friends buckets.When you fill up someones bucket you also fill up yours, too ! They came up with ideas like water. Yeah, I don’t think that will do much but keep us from getting thirsty. But good try. They came up with putting our toys away, hugs, smiles, and following directions.

Have you filled a bucket today!?

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