it’s all about the trying

We tried to do different things today! Some were successful…some were not.
But you know what? That is OK! It’s all about the trying!

Oh! Wait!! We have exciting news!
A new friend started today in our Sound Stage family! Her name is A and we welcomed her with open arms! She likes to play outside on the field and she’s awesome at our For a Safe Classroom chart!
Welcome, A to our school family. We are so happy you’re here with us!

Now, about the trying…

Miss J has never flown a kite, so today we thought is was a tiny bit windy enough to try. Know what we found out? It was not anywhere NEAR windy enough to fly a kite.
Miss R held it up to catch the wind and Miss J pulled the string tight but the only thing that happened was the kite bumped into MN’s tummy. MN just giggled.
(No MNs were hurt during the kite flying experiment.)

THEN Miss J was trying one last time and fell down on the hill right by the gate…she was giggling so hard she couldn’t get back up so Miss R helped her up and gave her paper towels from our bag to clean her hands and legs. Miss R was giggling too…then we all giggled.
(No Miss Js were hurt in the kite flying experiment.)

What we learned was this: We absolutely have to try. We have to try so we know we did everything we could to make (whatever we tried) happen. We are naturally curious, so when we try new and different things we are learning to experiment with how things work. We’re learning about our world and our place in it. We are learning how to fail with excitement and how to succeed with the same excitement. Because when we try and fail, we are able to try again another way…and another way…and another way…all the ways…until we succeed!

We are intrepid!
(Yeah, that’s a big word Miss R used…we sort of understand that it means we like adventures. Know what? She is right! We DO love adventures!)
We are always exploring, learning, and whether we succeed or fail, we will try!

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