just another manic Monday

It’s ‘Dog Days of Summer’ week! This means we’re pretty much planning to lie low and stay out of the heat this week.

TOMORROW IS PAJAMA DAY!!! So wear your jammies to school and be ready for some Frozen fun!!
Tomorrow is also dying day, so PLEASE make sure your tee shirts are here!
Today we welcomed our new friend CD! CD is new to our school so we are showing him the ropes and making sure he knows what’s up! We are so happy to have CD in our school family!
Monday is waterplay day…and we were not messing around when it came time to play in the water! The hose was not hooked up to the sprinkler so Miss J held it for us for a while until she got the bright idea to weave it into the basket ball net so it would hang by itself. Then we were free to fill buckets, and baking pans to our heart’s content! 
We seemed to forget how to get ourselves changed after waterplay, so Miss R and Miss J helped remind us at our meeting.
We’re going to be working on something exceptionally cool for this week and next week…we don’t want to spoil the surprise, so we’re going to keep it a kind of secret…have faith that you’re going to think it’s SUPER cool!

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