last day of summer camp

With sad faces and heavy hearts the Sound Stage friends say goodbye to summer.

Miss J and Miss R are so happy and grateful for a wonderful summer with each of the Sound Stage friends and their parents.
Thank you for all your support as we found our way through the transition. We have worked so hard to create a real sense of community and safe and fun environment where we can all teach and learn together.
Goodbye to our friends who are starting preK next week. We wish you well and know you will continue to keep each other safe, have fun, and learn cool stuff!
We will miss you!
Please stop by for smiles, hugs, or a big bunch of air high fives!

To all our Sound Stage friends who are staying put, buckle up! We’re going to have a SPECTACULAR school year!

Miss R and Miss J are going to work very hard tomorrow on teacher work day! We’re going to finally get the stage curtains hung. We’re going to create some storage for our dramatic play costumes on the stage. We’re going to create new storage for the kitchen. We’re going to prep-out the tree house to be ready for our unit of study in September. And we’re going to create the coolest morning meeting board you’ve ever seen.

Have a great long weekend and we will be here Tuesday ready for you to come back to school!

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