last week of summer camp

Today was our last water play day! We are so sad about that, but Miss J and Miss R don’t seem as sad about it as we are. That’s OK, we got SUPER wet today to make good use of our last water day!

When we met this morning, we talked about summer camp ending and school starting next week and the changes that will come. Some of us are going to pre K classes and some of us are staying here. We are happy and excited to moving into different classes, but sad that we’re no longer going to be in Sound Stage. We’re going to miss our friends and Miss R and Miss J, we’re going miss our classroom, we’re going to miss all the fun we’ve had. We are very excited to see our new classrooms, our new friends, our new teachers.
Miss R says it’s bittersweet. We actually sort of understood what she meant by that.

Those of us who are staying are sad for our friends to go, some of us even decided we were going to go with them, but Miss J told us we can’t. We only argued for a little bit before we realized it might be cool to stay in Sound Stage. So many cool things happened this summer, so much change brought us a lot closer to each other and our environment and we’re excited to see where it keeps going.
We’re ready to tackle the new school year and welcome new friends into Sound Stage.

We are planning to make the best of every single moment of the last days of summer camp this week.
We are planning to make the best of our new school year too!

We are ready!

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