making a BIG mess

Today was Ball Painting Day!

(Not to be confused with Paintball Day…because honestly, how good can our aim really be? And nobody needs that level of bruising.)
We went to the field and chucked balls dipped in paint at a piece of paper taped to the fence.
We promise you it doesn’t sound anywhere near as cool as it actually was!!
We threw and threw balls at the paper and made the most beautiful art you’ve ever seen! (But you can see it when you come pick us up because it’s hanging on the loft to dry!)
Then we explored a bit by mixing colors…though not too much because there were more classes coming out to paint after us.
Some of us decided to paint our bodies, Miss J and Miss R thought this was just as cool as when we painted the paper. Miss R and Miss J love a good sensory experience! SO DO WE!!!
They made us get as cleaned up as well as we could by washing our hands and arms and then Miss J attacked us with wipes just to make sure we weren’t too messy.
Please let us take baths tonight though just in case…most of us have little bits in our hair too.
We are intrepid explorers! We are fascinated by the world around us and our place in it. Miss J and Miss R encourage this in us and so do you! Thanks!

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