Rah Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah!

Today we made flags! More specifically, we made pennants.

We talked about how most sports teams have pennants…we learned that baseball is the sport most associated with pennants…and pennants are also big with college teams.
We created our own pennants and when Miss J and Miss R asked what our teams were called here’s what we had to say:
DA’s Baseballs
RG’s Daddy
LM’s Jets
EG’s Flowers
JE’s Tigers
MN’s Stars
MG’s Hearts
SS’s Racecars
AK’s Eagles
EY’s Flags
JM’s Dragons
AD’s Schools
These are written exactly as the friends said them.
The coolest part was to see the pride on our little faces when we named our teams while we were decorating their pennants!
Miss R and Miss J are so excited we’re grasping that understanding of being proud of something we create because each time we show that pride, we’re experiencing an “I DID IT!!” moment!
We are SO worth cheering for!

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