Today we talked more about recycling and what we could make with the items we saw in our recycling bin.
Thank you parents who have donated your recycled items. We were amazed at how many things they found in our bucket!
We went around school to other classes looking for more recycling items to add to our growing collection.
Guess what we found?
Milk and water jugs, water bottles, paper towel rolls, tons of egg cartons, some wire, some paper, and CDs! Everyone was super surprised when they saw how many items we dumped in the middle of the room.

We each picked one item to explore inside and out. Some friends made telescopes or microphones with the paper towel rolls. While others used the old CDs as mirrors! Some friends made bongo drums with the milk jugs!
We love recycling!

Finally, we separated all of our items. Paper items like our grass skirts went into one bin. Milk jugs and other plastic bottles in another one. Finally, all the “shiny” things, such as tin cans and CDs.
We worked hard sorting materials and we loved it!
We’re wondering if we should have recycling bins in our classroom all the time…

sorted recycling

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