Before heading outside to play in the water, Miss J introduced our new friend SS. Welcome to our school family, SS!

Then Miss J reminded our friends that Miss R was going to be out all this week. When reminded of this the class let out a collective AWWWW! Some friends wanted to know where Miss R was going to be this week. Miss J told friends that she was in a different state. But when the name of the state was repeated back it sounded like, “Miss R is in the sea?” Can you guess where she is?

Time for water play Monday. Friends enjoyed using baking pans and funnels in the puddles of water. But some of us got a bit chilly playing so we sat with our towels and talked and laughed at friends getting splashed with water.

Today we used tie dye and droppers to create tie dyed paper! All our papers turned out gorgeously! Don’t forget to check out our windows, when the light comes through the papers it looks like stained glass!

Parents if you have any recycled items that we could use in our class we would love if you could bring them in! We discussed what recycling means today during meeting and some of our friends said that it’s garbage. Well they were right, but we then talked about how can we give new life to the things that we sometimes throw away. Tin cans, toilet paper rolls, and old CDs are what we are in need of right now in Sound Stage.

We also talked about finding items that we could recycle in our classroom. So tonight friends have to find one item to bring to school and show our friends! We will add it to our recycling bin!

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