Sea shells, ocean breeze, and sand in our toes.

This morning we kicked off our beach week by talking about sand! When we told our friends that we were going to make sand they became very excited and started talking about what ingredients they needed to make perfect sand. Some friends even remembered the ingredients we used when we made moon sand: flour and baby oil.

Miss R pulled out a big bag of whole wheat flour and everyone made their way to the table. One of our friends said that she couldn’t wait to see the flower! Miss R explained that flower and flour are two different things. One is used for baking and the other smells nice and is pretty. Miss R sprinkled some flour onto the table so that all our friends could see what it felt like.

When we went outside we bought along the media table so that we could make a big batch of Sound Stage Sand! All our friends helped us measure 4 cups of whole wheat flour and a half cup of vegetable oil. Oh man they loved this part but not more than being able to stick their hands into the soft and now slightly gooey flour. They mixed and mixed until the flour felt like perfect sandcastle sand.

We read a poem, Seaside, and D.W. ALL WET.
Then we talked about all the cool things that we see on the beach!
Here are some of the things our friends said: sand, water, rocks, flowers, dolphins, beach balls, sand castles!
They did a great job identifying what items are on the beach.

Miss R asked, “If you were on the beach right now what would you do?” A lot of friends wanted to find seashells while others wanted to find sharks and swim.
Miss J and Miss R prefer simpler things, like sitting in a chair reading a book while digging our toes in the sand, or sitting in the sand where the waves crash.

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