surf’s up, dude

Well, it’s ‘wear your beach gear’ to school day…and in Sound Stage, we are READY for the beach with our beach clothes and our homemade sand!

Thank you, RM, for sharing your book, Ladybug Girl Goes to the Beach!
If you don’t know Ladybug Girl, you need to check her out! Ladybug Girl is a girl called Lulu, and in this story, she went to the beach with her family. She was so excited to play in the water and waves…that was until she saw them! Lulu was frightened and chose to do many other beachy activities…but when her favorite sand pail was in peril…Ladybug Girl saved the day!
Lulu was brave when she needed to be…but when she was brave she wasn’t Lulu anymore, she was Ladybug Girl!

We talked with our friends about things that frighten us, and how we are able to become brave to deal with them.
Mommies and Daddies seem to be the best at helping our friends feel brave…but cousins also are helpful and teachers are, too.
It’s important to discuss how we can learn to be brave, we’re going to continue to revisit this topic and work to figure out ways we can help ourselves be brave.

This afternoon we’ll begin making a pinata! Why you ask? Because it’s a fun thing to do!

We’ll be using our superior spatial planning skills as well as our problem solving skills not only to get the pinata decorated, but make sure it’s constructed in such a way that it will eventually break open to reveal the prizes!
Did you know how “math-y” we were?
Well, we ARE!

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