the busy day

We went down to the field this morning! WOO HOO! It’s our favorite place to play! But the grass was kind of wet still, so it was really hard to push the barrels up the hill. Didn’t stop us from trying though, we just had to work a little harder.

We heard Miss R and Miss J talking about things they observed down at the field, we heard Miss R say, ‘conflict resolution’, and ‘cooperation’. Miss J said, ‘teamwork’ and ‘negotiation skills’. We know what teamwork means, but we’re not so sure about the rest of those words…we’re going to ask them when we wake up from our nap.

The theme for this last week of summer camp is “Icicle Express” we’re not sure why there is snow and ice during the summer, but it kind of makes us want to watch Frozen. Miss J and Miss R thought that was a great idea!
Anyway, because it’s ice and snow week, we made colored ice cubes today.

Since you can’t see what it looked like, we’re going to explain it to you.
We helped mix the food coloring into cups of water. Then we used the little droppers (the fancy word is pipette) to move colored water into ice cube trays. We were sitting at three tables but only had two ice cube trays, so one table of friends had to be VERY patient.
And guess what!?!
Those friends were SO patient that Miss R gave them ALL air high fives and thanked them for being such good listeners!
Then she told our friends and the other two tables that we were doing very well following Miss J’s directions and she was proud of us too!
We like when we make our teachers proud of us! Know why? Because it makes us feel proud too!!!

We talked a little more today about next week and how that will change Sound Stage forever. We’re not sad though, we’re glad some of us are going to ‘have fun’ and ‘learn cool stuff’ in new classrooms, and some of us still get to do those right here.
We’ve realized school really is all about being safe and having fun WHILE learning cool stuff!

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