There’s two O’s in Goose, fellas.

We went to have story time, but we were surprised when it wasn’t a lady sitting down and reading us books…the lady was Mother Goose and she had a little stage set up for us to sit in front of and then she showed the biggest surprise of all…SHE HAD TWO BIG BINS OF COSTUMES!!!!!
She asked us to help her tell the stories by dressing up as the characters!
We totally thought this was the coolest thing we’d seen in a LONG time!
Though we knew most of the songs and stories Mother Goose shared, we were fascinated to become, or watch our friends become the animals in her stories.
We used our very best manners and sat quietly unless it was time to laugh or clap. Mother Goose said she was proud of us, and Miss J and Miss R gave us big air high fives because we were paying attention to almost all of our Please Do(s)!!!
Did you know how awesome we are?
After missing outside time yesterday during Frozen and this morning for Mother Goose, Robyn and Jay decided we needed to go outside for a little while before lunch. We were SO happy!! Want to know why? Because we were happy to play outside, but also because Art Studio and Science Lab classes were playing outside too!
Seems like ALL the teachers had the same idea and we LIKED it!
We hope your day was as half as cool as ours!

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