Thursdays are kind of mellow.

We had an adventure this morning when there was a code pink drill! That means we have to go into the plaza and sit quietly until we’re told it’s “safe” to return to our classrooms.

Do you know we were as quiet as church mice while we waited? Miss J and Miss R were so proud of us! When they called our names we said either, “Here!” or “Present!” and waited patiently until it was time to go back into our room.
When we got back, Miss K told all the teachers and students we did a fantastic job and she was so thankful. That was nice for us to hear! Know what we did then? Air high fives, baby!
We talked in our meeting this morning about AK leaving us and decided to make a book for him to take when he moves to India! We drew pictures and told Miss J what we drew or what we wanted to say to AK and she wrote it down for us.
We will miss our friend AK. We hope he has fun and learns cool stuff at his new school in India.
We’re having our special snack today! We made it all by ourselves. Well, not REALLY all by ourselves…Miss R and Miss J cut all the peaches and strawberries, but only because we haven’t had as much practice with knives as they have…
After Miss J and Miss R cut up the fruit, we put it in popsicle molds and poured in juice. We’re going to eat them right after nap time.
We’re making a poster for one of our other classroom friend’s who’s Dad is in the military and has been overseas and is coming home this week! We’re going to paint it so beautifully and hang it on our big garage door!
We like helping!
Miss R and Miss J ask you to please remember that tomorrow is the day we’re going to wear our tie dye shirts. We’ll take a super cool photo for AK to remember his Sound Stage family in all our awesome tees.

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