what a tricky day

Did you notice something different when you came to school today?

We did! We noticed that Miss J was at school and Miss R wasn’t! But Miss R came to school and there was much rejoicing…hurrah!
Another tricky thing happened…we had a fire drill. We knew exactly what to do, we were lined up at the back door before Miss J could even say, “Line up.”
She was so proud of us, that was the first thing she told Miss R when she got here! We’re proud of us too! We are becoming more and more capable each day!
*Air high fives!!!!*
(If you don’t know about these please ask us and we’ll be more than happy to show you!)
When it came time to go outside, we were ALL about the field!
It’s our new favorite place to be.
When we got down there some of us when straight to barrel rolling and some of us went straight to the houses and some of us began climbing right a way.
It’s a great place for us to use our bodies in a SUPER big way…especially when running, because we don’t have to worry about scraped up knees and elbows down in the grass.
When Miss R pulled out the camera she realized the memory card wasn’t in it…OOPS! So Miss J and Miss R took photos with their phones…they are now trying to email them to our classroom mail so we can load them to the photo site…but the email is not being very helpful so you might have to wait to see the photos.
We have been talking about the Potty 5 each day this week because we realized we were not doing all the steps…so Miss R and Miss J are going to help us make a cool chart for the bathroom to help remind us.
We talked about in during our meeting for the last couple of days…we are SO on top of it! We know each step and since we’ve been talking about it, we noticed we’re doing the entire Potty 5 each time we go to the bathroom!
*Air high fives!!!*
We are AMAZING!!

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