your finger’s not a french fry

Today was Music Day with Mr B!!!
If you don’t know about Mr B, we’re sure going to tell you! Mr B is the guy who comes and teaches us about music!
Normally only some of us get to go to music with Mr B but today the COOLEST thing happened!! We ALL got to go to music! And not just our class, but ALL the preschool classes!!

Mr B played seven instruments. SEVEN! We counted them! Want to know what the instruments are? We’ll tell you!
He had not just one, but two keyboards! A snare drum with TWO drumsticks and a trombone! A saxophone and a guitar. Wait that’s only six…what are we missing? Oh yeah! The last one was a violin!
We learned a little bit about each of these instruments and some of us even got to play them!!

Mr B sang songs with us about not putting our fingers in our mouth, about going to the doctor, about how monsters aren’t real. He sang Happy Birthday to JE, too!
He even sang Let it Go with us! We LOOOOOOOOOOOVED that!!

We discovered we’re more musically inclined than we ever knew…so if you catch us singing (possibly off key) or banging on “drums” please be patient with us…we’re practicing the new things we’ve learned.

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