first day of school

We noticed SO many different things in our classroom!
Did you notice too?
Miss J and Miss R worked REALLY hard for us to have the coolest room in the whole building!

When we met this morning we talked about what we’re going to be learning this month. The care and keeping of books…this means we’re going to discuss and learn the proper way to take care of books and also why it’s important. Once we learn how to show we know the right way to take care of books, we’re going to get our library cards!! We need them to go in the treehouse library.

We went on a “tour” of our classroom so we could see what was new or different. First we went to the kitchen to see the new table and chairs and the new way all the dishes and food are organized. We’re so excited about our new kitchen things!

Then we went to the new and improved art and writing center! We have so many new items to use and new ways to keep them tidy! We even have new writing folders! We’re going to learn to write in them!
How cool is that!?!
art and writing center

Then we moved to the housekeeping area, we saw SO MANY little brooms and dustpans for us to clean with! We LOVE to clean!!

We checked out new items and storage in the math and science centers. We are VERY interested in the jar of water beads! But those aren’t a choice we can just make because they’re pretty messy so Miss R or Miss J have to put them out for us to explore.
math and science centers

We noticed new and different things to keep the stage area organized, we’re going to work really hard to learn how to hang up those costumes the right way. We also have new curtains! Just like a REAL stage! And Big Ben is still in our “prop” section!! That’s so cool!!

We finished up our tour by investigating the treehouse library. WOW!! It was the COOLEST!! It has a tree with leaves, lights, butterflies, and so many books! There is a metal washtub for us to cuddle up in and lots of pillows to sit and lie on when we read! We are SO excited to be able to use our treehouse library!
treehouse library

We are going to have a SUPER great year in Sound Stage and we can’t WAIT!!

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