ballet dancers, a dinosaur that rawrs, ponies in VA, and a girl president

When we got to school this morning, we found items from the math center on the tables for us to play with!
There were matching cards, and we used those to talk about same and different. The marble ramps were SUPER AWESOME! We loved figuring out how to connect the tubes and ramps to let the marbles roll from start to finish.
Some of us decided to stack the straight pieces as high as possible and let the marbles drop inside. Some of us continued to hook together pieces until we had such an elaborate system of loops and ramps that the marbles almost got lost. Two of us choose to use a ramp and spiral to create vacuum cleaners and proceeded to “vacuum” the entire classroom.

When it was time for our meeting, we were SO READY to see the books our friends were sharing!!!
Today we read Ballet Kitty: Ballet Class, Good Night Virginia, RAWR!, and Grace for President.
It is very interesting to read our favorite books. We asked why these are favorites and this is what our friends said:
EY said: I like the one with the pink shoes.
AG said: The horses part is my favorite.
DA said: I like dinosaur books.
TP-W said: I like the blue. (pointing to the bunting on Grace’s presidential podium)

We have been talking about what we like about our friends books, too!
Our enthusiasm has really impressed Miss J and Miss R and we’re beginning to realize how great it’s going to be when we’re in the treehouse library with the books!!


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