going on BIG adventures in books and lots of questions about a foot surgery

Well, we’re back to normal in Sound Stage! Both Miss J AND Miss R came back to school today.

We talked about what it’s going to look like for the next three weeks in our classroom…i’ts going to be VERY tricky.
Miss R is having surgery on her foot next week on Thursday and will also be out on Friday. She will be non weight bearing for two weeks but will be back at school Monday on crutches or with a wheely knee scooter cart thing. We are going to have to be VERY patient with her because she won’t be able to do as much for us, but we’re kind of excited about taking good care of her.

There were LOTS of questions about what’s wrong with Miss R’s foot.
She has some damage to her ligaments (she said it’s the things that make the foot work, but not the muscles or bones) and there is a bit of extra bone that the doctor needs to take away.

We keep asking questions and Miss J and Miss R keep answering them.
We don’t like that we won’t get to go to the field until Miss R can walk with both feet again.

We continued sharing our favorite books this morning. This is such a wonderful time to share and talk about how important books are. Did you know that just because a book is one friend’s favorite it may not be another friend’s favorite? AND we are having such fun learning about each other’s favorite books!!

We read Freckleface Strawberry: Best Friends Forever, Home Sweet Home, Chimpansneeze, Playtime with Little Nye: Into the Wild and Snuggle Puppy.

When we asked DA why Into the Wild was his favorite book, he said:
I like Gracie and Nella and I like flowers.

When Miss R asked: What does it mean to be in the wild? Here’s what we said:
A big owl.
She’s got a light.
They’re going into the snow.

Tell me what you see in this picture.
The tent.
Owl, a fox!
I have a tent.
When I went camping I slept in a tent!
Then we talked about who has slept in a tent.

When we asked XT why he loves Home Sweet Home he said:
It’s my favorite book because it pops up!

When Miss R asked, What are some of the houses she visits? We said:
The snail’s house was too cold.
There was water dripping at the beetle’s house.

What place did she not feel safe?
The spider web! She almost fell.

Where did she finally live?
A mushroom!

When we asked TP-W why Freckleface Strawberry was her favorite, she said:
Because my name is on it!

Miss R asked, Why do you think this book is called Freckleface Strawberry? We said:
She has sprinkles on her!
Red hair!

When we asked JK what she loved most about Chimpansneeze she couldn’t decide on just one thing.

When Miss R asked What was your favorite part? We said:
The elephant got stuck in the fence.
When they were mad.
I like the shampoo on the puppy.
When the hippo gets mustard on him!

When we asked JH why she loved Snuggle Puppy, she said:
Because it’s Snuggle Puppy!

Miss R asked, What did you like best in the story? We said:
When they say OOOO.
The kissy part.
The puppy.


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