learning the coolest stuff in the coolest ways

We were all about math early this morning in Sound Stage. We had the ramps and tubes for marbles and very cool new matching cards on the tables this morning.
We have discovered so many ways to use those ramps and tubes! We’re learning spatial planning when we hook them together and we’re improving the way the marbles roll every time we put them together!
The matching cards are cool because they are number cards, but don’t actually have any numbers on them…they have dots and pictures but we actually knew they were math cards because we were talking about the numbers based on the pictures and/or dots.
Learning math is so cool when we are learning by playing, and figuring it out by ourselves feels really AWESOME!
We’re smarter than we even know!

When it came time to share favorite books today, guess who’s turn it was?
Miss R’s turn! She read us some of her favorite books! Two were by a guy called Maurice and one was about a girl and her cat (who’s name is Bangs). Then we read JK’s Pinkalicious book Eggstraordiary Easter!
In the Pinkalicious book, the kids go on a scavenger hunt just like we did for JE’s birthday! Pinkalicious and her brother have to find all the Easter baskets from notes with clues on them until they find giant Easter baskets at home filled with all their favorite treats!

(Miss R asked us to please tell you how important it is that we are making text to life connections. We knew we did our own scavenger hunt for JE’s birthday, just like they do in the book…we were finding gold pirate coins and they were finding easter eggs, but it’s the same.
We’re also making text to text connections, because in the books about the Wild Things and the girl and her baby sister, Max and Ida went on adventures, just like they did in the book, Into the Wild and Home Sweet Home and Charlie Hits it Big…and we RECOGNIZED it!
Miss R asked us to tell you that we’re kind of awesome, too.)

In Where the Wild Things Are, Max is a little boy who gets in trouble then goes in his boat to see the Wild Things and tells them “BE STILL” and they make him the king! But he misses his family so he goes home to eat his dinner.
We talked about how we all like to be with our families for dinner, how sometimes we get in trouble for not making good choices and we would NEVER EVER tell our mommies or daddies, “I’LL EAT YOU UP!” like Max did because it’s not nice.
We liked the idea of “the wild rumpus” but also know that being safe and loved is where it’s at.

Outside Over There was a bit different than books we normally read, goblins take Ida’s baby sister so they can play with her and Ida plays her horn and turns the goblins into a stream and the baby is happy to see her sister.
Some of us have babies in our families and realize that even though goblins aren’t real, we wouldn’t like it if they wanted our baby sisters (or brothers). We’re big and brave and strong and we are very aware of keeping our babies safe!
But we were very interested in the goblins and why they wanted the baby to be their bride, and how they turned into water just by listening to the music.

We continue to ask questions about Miss R’s foot…today we learned that she will have medicine to go to sleep so it won’t hurt when they do the surgery to fix her foot. We also learned that we can’t see her ‘boo boo’ because it’s inside her foot, and we were VERY disappointed to learn that we won’t be able to see her stitches because she’ll be wearing a big boot. We learned about stitches because we thought the doctor would tape her foot after he cuts it with the very special knife. Miss R told us they would use stitches, and explained what that meant.

We are really learning the coolest stuff in the absolute coolest ways!

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