loads of fish and a girl with really long hair

Did you notice something tricky when you brought us to school today?
We sure did! Miss J was here early and Miss R came later on. That’s not the normal way our school days go but every once in a while, it’s very cool to do something different!

This morning we mixed glue and water color paint to make our own window clings! How cool is that? They’re trying to dry now and we can’t WAIT to see if they actually stick to the windows!

We shared more of our favorite books this morning, Rhyming Rapunzel and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

KR-J got excited when she saw VS’s Rapunzel book and said: Hey! I have a book just like that at my house!
VS told us it was her favorite book, and she loves it so much “because it has my name in it.”

We were VERY invested in this book. (Well how could we not be? It has our furry lovable old pal Grover in it!)
We made SO many observations and asked loads of questions as Miss R read the book that it took us a really long time to finish it. But we didn’t mind and Miss J and Miss R didn’t mind because we were getting so much out of the book!!
CS asked: Why is she stuck in the castle?
Miss R said: Because the witch locked her up, remember?
KR-J said: Yeah, the witch didn’t like the rhyming.
CS asked: The witch is gone?
XT responded: She is back in the castle.
CS said: She is looking for her at the castle?
XT said: No she already knows she ran away.

When Miss J asked us what we liked best we said:
She ran away.
I liked when she said she couldn’t rhyme her words.
I didn’t like the part where the witch said she couldn’t come down.
Prince Grover!

We were equally engaged in KR-J’s book. She told us it was “The fishy book, happy, mad or sad.” Miss J and Miss R especially loved that!
KR-J told us she loved this story because: Because it’s yellow, and yellow is my favorite color.

CS said: Well the other one (a fish) is taking a bath.
Miss R said: Actually that’s a baby in an old timey stroller. Isn’t that funny it looks like a bathtub?
We agreed.
A few pages later, SS said: And they have an umbrella, Miss R!
A few more pages later, DA said: Look, look, look Miss R! An elephant!
And even more pages later, when we read about a guy with eleven fingers, lots of fingers on one hand and just a few on the other, XT said: Well I have eleven! (counts 1-11)
Miss R asked: Are you sure?
XT counted again and stopped at ten. Very excitedly saying: TEN!
Then we all had to count our fingers.

Then there was a page in the book where the guy was shouting.
SS said: Hey! He isn’t catching his bubble!
Miss R said: You’re right! High five!
XT said: You can’t yell because it’s very irritating.
Then SS said: When your ear hurts you have to go to the doctor. He checks your ear.

We don’t really get it why we have to tell you everything we say, but Miss J and Miss R told us it was really important for you to know all the interesting things we say and do at school. So we told you. We hope you like it as much as they say you will.


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