Monday Monday

Another tricky day in Sound Stage!
But, we know that everything goes back to normal tomorrow!

We learned a new song today! It’s a great way for us to talk about how we’re feeling…it goes like this:
Hello. How are you.
How are you today.
Today I see (name).
How are you today?

Our answers were:
Funny x 2
Good x 5
Sad (but with a HUGE smile)

Please try this song at home, perhaps after dinner when we’re all together and see how it opens up conversations with us!

We ready Dora’s Birthday Dance Party, Strawberry Shortcake Berry Merry Christmas, and Llama Llama Misses Mama.

When we asked SS why he loved the Dora book he said:
I like this book because they just party!
DA liked the balloons and when the rain stopped.
SS liked Dora’s cousin Daisy’s birthday party.
VS and JK liked the birthday cake.
TP-W and JH liked Dora the most.
XT liked Swiper best.
EY liked Swiper and Dora.
A few of us didn’t want to share what we liked best about SS’s favorite book.
We all stood up and danced the Mambo with Dora! It went like this: March in place. Wiggle your hips. Wave your hands in the air.
We LOVE dancing the Mambo!

Next we read TP-W’s Strawberry Shortcake book.
She said what she loves most about this book is: Strawberry Shortcake, Christmas trees, the horse, and that her book is purple!
EY loved Santa most.
JK loved the horse.
VS’s favorite part was when Strawberry Shortcake met Santa Claus.
XT liked the snowman most of all.
Miss R said her favorite part was when Strawberry Shortcake got the quilt from Santa.
XT said: I love Christmas too, because Santa brings you gifts and candy canes and comes down the chimney!

The last book was CA’s and he said: I love this book because I always love it!
Two of us said our favorite part was when the Mama llama didn’t fit in the play house at school.
Several of us liked the mama llama best.
Two of us liked it most when the mama came back to pick up Llama Llama at school.
One of our friends liked when Llama Llama was sad.
One friend said: Maybe the mama was sad too.

This was a great book to share because sometimes we get sad when our mommies and daddies bring us to school.
We know that mommies and daddies ALWAYS come back, but it was a great ‘text to life connection’ because we could really relate to how Llama Llama was feeling.
Miss J and Miss R shared with us that sometimes they feel sad when they aren’t around their mommies too.

We talked a little bit about Miss R’s foot again today. She assured XT that the doctor is NOT going to cut off her foot, fix it then put it back on! She told us again about the special knife called a scalpel and the stitches. We asked about being asleep for the surgery. We remembered that she would have to take medicine for her foot not to hurt. We talked about how we can be helpful when she’s in the classroom and has to keep her foot propped up sometimes.
We are very invested in this process and Robyn said she’s very thankful we are asking so many great questions so we will be able to help take good care of her when she comes back next week.

We are trying to go down to the field every morning before Miss R can’t walk. Today was the PERFECT field day! It was good and sunny and a bit windy, we wore our jackets down to the field but the more we played, we took our jackets off and put them on the fence. We remembered to pick them up and carry them back to the classroom.
When we were down on the field, we gathered leaves, sticks and rocks to finish an art project…we’re not sure it’s turning our the way we expected it to, but it still looks pretty cool!


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