books, books and more books

Something curious happened when we had our meeting this morning! Miss K came for our art class! So we split into two groups, half of us stayed with Miss R and Miss J and the other half went to the table for art with Miss K.

We had a bit of trouble staying present in our meeting because we were SO interested in what Miss K was teaching our friends about art.
But we did manage to learn a brand new word from one of the books we read and discussed. That word is: Chickenese
Hahahahaha! Get it? Chickenese!?! It’s a made up word, but it’s VERY funny! Chickenese is the language that chickens speak which is totally different than the language spiders speak!
Oh, maybe we should tell you we read a Little Miss Spider book…we forgot.

Miss J also read Where the Wild Things Are (yep again…it’s one of Miss R’s very favorites and we love it too!)

Here are some of the things we discussed when we read about Max and the Wild Things:
Max is dancing!
Max’s boat has yellow sails!

Then, we roared like the Wild Things, which was pretty awesome if we say so ourselves.

We pointed out that it was night in the book and Miss J asked us: How do you know it’s nighttime? and we said:
It’s dark!
Stars and moon!
Then we said: They dance on the tree!
Miss J asked if it was still night and we said:
No, it’s daytime.
It’s morning time.
It’s Saturday.
Miss R asked: How do you know it’s Saturday?
They’re playing.

We noticed the trees were blowing outside, the trees were blowing A LOT! SS said: Why is it breezy outside Miss R?
Miss R said: I don’t know why, what…
JH said: Because it’s windy!
SS said: Yes, it IS windy.

We read one last book called Room on the Broom.
Our favorite line from the book is: Whoosh! They were gone.
When we talked about this one, here’s what we said:
I like the witch.
I like when the beast said, “Buzz off! THAT’S MY WITCH!”
I like the broomstick because it broke.
The dragon almost ate the witch!

We talked about how we can take good care of books and we’re trying these out in the classroom. Once we show Miss J and Miss R we are VERY good at it, we will get our library cards! WOO HOO!

Books are special, they need to be treated with gentle hands. We must turn the pages gently. We shouldn’t write in or rip them. We can’t bend the covers back too far. We don’t leave them on the floor. We don’t throw, kick or step on them and we ABSOLUTELY don’t hit each other with them.
Books are for snuggling up with and sharing with friends. Books are great adventures we haven’t been able to go on yet.
Next week when Miss R comes back, we’re going to begin to write and illustrate (did you know this is a fancy word for draw in?) our own books. Miss J and Miss R figure if we see how much work goes into creating a book, we will be much more careful with the books in our classroom.
We are VERY excited to make our own books!
We are VERY excited to get our library cards!
We are VERY excited for the tree house library to be open EVERY SINGLE DAY!!


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