brainstorming and what books are made of with a dash of math for good measure

We were pretty math-y this morning in Sound Stage.
We had the marbles and tubes out on one table, and something completely new on the other table! There were paper, pencils, popsicle sticks and rulers!
VS used her developing problem solving skills to figure a way to catch the marbles after she put them down the tube. She placed the tube in the cup! She knew they would stay in the cup instead of rolling all over the floor! Way to go, VS! You DID IT!

We instinctively (that’s Miss R’s word) knew to measure with the rulers, we counted the numbers and we marked off numbers on the paper. We traced the popsicle sticks, we made shapes with them, we measured them with the rulers, we tried to figure out how many popsicle sticks it took to make the length of the paper and of the rulers.
This was a very time consuming activity…and what was kind of cool about it was that we revisited it many times throughout the morning.
We like that we learn cool stuff just by exploring!

Miss R asked two BIG questions when we met this morning. The first one was: How do you take care of books?
We used books and our bodies to demonstrate the proper care and keeping of books and we said the following:
Hold it gently.
Look at it. Open it gently.
Turn the pages gently when you read it.
Close it gently.
Carry books. Don’t rip. Put it on the shelf.

So, it looks like we’re all moving VERY quickly toward library card status! Go us!

The second question was: What are books made of?
We sad:
And glue. Inside the book.
Pages. And we don’t rip the pages.

Miss R and Miss J taught us some proper names for parts of a book. We learned that a book is made of the front cover and back cover. They are connected by the spine of the book.
We figured out on our own that’s where the glue is.
Miss R asked us to stand up and she lifted our shirts up a little so we could see our own spines, we discussed how our spine holds our body together and that’s exactly like a book!
Inside the book, there are words and pictures. They make up the story. We figured out the pictures are there “so you can see the story. So you can know what the words are.”

We talked about creating our own books. We learned that writing and illustrating our own books means we will make the story and pictures.
Miss R said the first thing we needed to do was brainstorm and then she asked us what it meant to brainstorm.
One of us said: Means you have a brain and you can think.
Another of us said: Need an umbrella!

They told us to hold our heads, they explained our brains were inside our heads. We practiced thinking…when we were thinking a LOT, and coming up with so many ideas…that was brainstorming! Then we showed Miss R and Miss J our brainstorming faces!
Now that we kind of understand brainstorming, Miss R told us we had to be thinking about our books. She said there are some questions we will have to answer with our stories. (This is what we’re going to brainstorm about, you want to help us?)
These are the questions she asked us:
What is your book about?
Who is in your book?
What are they doing?
How does your story begin?
How does your story end?

We brainstormed quickly and these are some of the things we said:
RM: My Mom and Dad and my baby named Wyatt.
XT: Dinosaurs and they’re going to eat pterodactyls!
VS: My Abby.
EY: Um…kitties cause I love kitties!
SS: My froggy book. I’m going to color in my froggy book.
DA: My teeth!
CA: Birds in Walmart.
TP-W: Mommy!
LJ: Kitty cats. Meow meow meow.

Please help us remember to brainstorm, please write down anything interesting we might come up with and share it with Miss J and Miss R!
We are going to brainstorm a couple more days, and then Monday we’re going to start the writing and illustrating process!

This will be the final step in our unit on the care and keeping of books and then we will all demonstrated how to properly care for books then get our library cards!
How cool is that!?!


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