authors and illustrators

Did you know we know what those two words mean? Well, we sure do and we’re going to tell you!
The word author means a person who writes the words that make the story for a book.
The word illustrator means a person who draws the pictures that make the story for a book.

Sound pretty cool, huh?
But wait, sometimes the author and the illustrator are the same person and sometimes they are different people.

We are going to be both the author and illustrator of our own stories!
We are already brainstorming ideas for our stories!
We talked about what our stories were going to be like during our meeting this morning. We’re going to share just the main ideas of the story and see if you can guess which idea is who’s.
Here are our main ideas:
A fairy mermaid.
Race cars and a broken monster truck.
A princess baby.
Spiderman and Daddy are going to the car wash.
My story is going to be about a book, a book at home.
Anna’s got ice powers.
Dinosaurs, lots and lots and lots of dinosaurs.
All different kinds of designs.
(one friend refused to discuss the book topic, and said: I’m just worried this is boring, it’s too boring. Whatever.)
Peter Pan and Smee is going to help the fairies fly away.

We will spend a bit more time brainstorming, hopefully our hold out friend will choose to have as much fun as the rest of us and discuss the story ideas.
Once we brainstorm a bit more, Miss J and Miss R are going to help us plan out the actual words for the story, then pictures to go with those words…then we’ll begin the actual illustrations!
This is SO exciting!!


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