doctors and boots and get well wishes

This morning most of our friends were getting ready for meeting but something was missing. Well, someone was missing. Miss J asked all us if we remembered where Miss R was going today. VS quickly raised her hand and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Doctor!”

Correct! Everyone collectively agreed as we started to remember all the things Miss R told us about her surgery.
Miss J asked if we remembered why she had to go to the doctor. EY told us,” Well…she has a boo boo on her foot and the doctor has to fix her boo boo!”
We decided Miss R will be all better and her boo boo will be gone when she comes back to school next week, but EY reminded us that when she comes back she will be wearing a boot! Our friends are pretty excited about seeing what a special boot really looks like.

Miss J said she really missed Miss R and can’t wait for her to come back to play and learn with us. We decided to come up with ideas we think will make Miss R feel better. We suggested things like a card, a mermaid, and even a dinosaur! But then one of us said, flowers!
These were all pretty awesome ideas especially the dinosaur one. Anyone know where we can get a dinosaur?

Although our meeting wasn’t supposed to be all about doctors and boots, we were so enthusiastic and just kept the conversation going to see where we ended up.
Remember we explained that was emergent?

One of us finally decided we should make something special for Miss R. Oh! We just can’t wait for her to come back and see what we came up with…sorry we can’t tell you what we decided on because it will ruin the surprise.

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