revisiting respect and more book ideas

We seem to have forgotten some of our Please Do(s) and Please Don’t(s). We’re not sure if it’s because Miss R was out last week for her surgery then Miss J was out yesterday, or if it’s because the moon is entering it’s dark phase, but we are seriously struggling with being respectful.
So we spent a little time talking about keeping each other safe and how we can show we’re keeping each other safe. How we can show we’re respectful, what we can do to show we’re being respectful. This is what we came up with:
Don’t talk when someone else is talking. (AKA One at a time.)
Use our listening ears to follow directions.
Raise your hand to ask a question.
Be helpful to our friends and teachers.

We were kind of sad that Miss R told us she was disappointed in us today. We don’t want to disappoint each other. So we are going to work really hard to remember how we can show that we’re respectful each day, in the classroom and at home. Miss J and Miss R are going to help us remember, will you help us remember, too?

After we sorted all that stuff we moved on to talking about our books. Some of us weren’t here yesterday, so Miss R read what she wrote when we talked about writing and illustrating our books to catch us all up. Those of us who were here remembered our ideas and even added a little bit here and there. But those of us who weren’t here had this to say about our books:
(What is your story about?)
A zebra. A zebra family, they’re going to play with magnets. The zebra’s name is giraffe.
A boy like me! He is playing legos, building a tower. It falls down because there are rocks out there.
Bella has a jacket and a hat, she puts them inside her house then eats ice cream.
A giraffe rides a bike, he sees wind in the house and animal friends. Then he gets off the bike and runs fast.
Pretty princesses that are mermaids, they can swim and flap their fairy princess tails. The mermaid gets lost in the forest and the boy fairy princess comes to save her.

We don’t know about you, but we’re very excited about developing these stories! Miss J and Miss R told us we’ve got our work cut out for us, but they also said we are going to have SO much fun with this project!

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